Bethel Organic Farms




Transform rural communities in Uganda by providing Christ-centered leadership, organic agriculture training and experience along with community services focused on area children and youth. 



Bethel Organic Farm and Training Centre was established as an NGO in Uganda in 2018. The farm is located in the district of Mukuno, about 26 kilometers outside the capital of Kampala. 

The farm grows a variety of organic crops: bananas, leeks, beans, maize and local vegetables. There is livestock: goats and poultry. The farm has a steady source of water from an onsite borehole which greatly enhances the sustainability of the crops and animal production. 

In addition to the farm acreage, Bethel Farm has an established training centre that offers training and demonstrations on sustainable organic agriculture and farming principles. Programs also include training farmers on how they can produce crops beyond subsistence farming and establish commerce opportunities. 



The team at Bethel Organic Farm includes a group of dedicated staff and volunteers. Samuel Omittah is the managing director and has oversight of the farm and livestock operations along with the training center programs and support staff.  Samuel has a B. S. in Organic Agriculture from Uganda Martyrs University and a Diploma in Horticulture Production and Management from Bukalasa Agricultural College. 

To successfully manage the daily farming activities there are team members focused on the crops and livestock care. In addition there are team members that support the training and demonstration programs and the social community outreach.  Volunteers help out with  seasonal work and projects. 


Bethel Farm Training Centre

The training programs and demonstrations focus on various topics 


  Organic Agriculture Principles & Production 

  Soil Fertility Management 

  Crop Management 

  Nutrient Recycling 

  Pest and Disease Management 

  Organic Quality Control 

  Economic Agriculture Development 

The training centre works with members and farmers of local communities, children from area schools along with university students focused on agriculture studies.

Community Outreach

Bethel Farm provides social community services focused primarily on the well being of the children in village and surrounding areas. The crops from the farm help feed children at the neighboring Hands of Love & Joy Orphanage where currently 30 children live, ages 5 to 18.

In addition the training centre provides Christ-centered  workshops and seminars focused on youth leadership and development along with singles and married workshops.  The overall objective is to provide on-going support that contributes to the moral and spiritual lives of local area communities. 


Bethel Farm organic practices and principles strive for sustainability along with the enhancement of soil fertility, conservation and biological diversity.  The farm does not use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The animal husbandry does not use any antibiotics, modified organisms, and growth hormones.


Thank you for your interest in Bethel Organic Farm and Training Centre. For questions or inquiries contact us via email at , attention Samuel Omittah.